Being a bit of a technophile, I have an assortment of gadgets I bring with me wherever I go, even on holidays which supposedly is to get away from it all. Laptop, smartphone, Kindle, camera. Not too bad there's some people I know who would have more! Of course, with all those battery powered devices comes lots and lots of CORDS. And as anyone knows, the little rubber noodles infuriatingly tend towards working themselves into knots. Then  in the process of untangling them, you work yourself into a knot too.

So when I came upon this nifty little invention, I jumped on the chance to use them. They're called Recoil Winders.

Nice, simple packaging. The plastic is stiff and hard and impossible to open without a box cutter, but I usually take that as a sign of quality. Instructions are on the back, and it's really straight forward. Fold your cord or wire in half, then put the middle of it on the hook and pull down, and release. With a quick snap your wire is rolled up and tucked away nice and sound. To undo it, just grab both ends and pull, then unhook the wire. It's really easy and straightforward.

Usually to use the cord you would unhook it from the Recoil Winder. However if your general usage means you don't need much length, you can keep it on the Winder like I've done below with my iPhone. 

They come in 3 sizes, so you can find one to fit your needs. I got the medium and large. Medium's perfect for cords like the iPhone cable. I found anything bigger than that you'd need the large Recoil Winder, such as a micro USB cable for the camera.

After using them for a week, I can say they do exactly as promised, and really helps simplify cord management for people on the move. 
Highly recommended.