BitCrane T110S (Silent Edition) 1 TH/s Watercooled BitCoin Miner

BitCrane T110S (Silent Edition) 1 TH/s Watercooled BitCoin Miner

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T-110S (Silent Edition) Bitcoin Mining System

The T-110S is the friendly brother of the T-110 and is designed to be silent (less than 60 db the sound of a normal conversation), more power friendly and fully certified for home use!

Best in class ASIC mining system designed for high performance mining and optimal stability. With an optimal hashrate of 1.0TH/s and nominal power consumption of 900W. Each system is equipped with two UltraHoist mining modules and two direct contact liquid coolers.

UltraHoistTM Module

Our state of the art UltraHoistTM heavy duty mining modules are based on a single 28nm ASIC architecture and deliver a whopping 500Ghash per module.

EZ StackTM

T-110S EZ StackTM design lets you easily setup multiple mining systems with minimal footprint in a rack-less environment. (* recommended no more than 4 units per stackTM .) T-110S offers one of the most light and compact designs (includes power supply) compared to other models in its class. Dimensions: 42.5 x 31.6 x 16.6 cm Net Weight: 9.1 Kg.

BitCrane Miner Control Panel

Simple plug and hash design with minimal configuration required. Start mining within minutes after opening up the package.

Industrial Grade but Made for the Home

BitCrane Mining Systems are designed using leading edge technology and manufactured with Industrial PC grade quality components and standards to ensure the best possible quality and performance.

The T-110S has been tested for Electromagnetic Interference as well as Electromagnetic Compatibility and is certified for CE and FCC Class-B (for "residential use") compliance.This ensures that the T-110S is as safe for you and your loved ones as any other household appliance in your home.

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