Budwrap is a silicone band that wraps earbud wires on or off of your wrist. It is the most convenient way to access your earphones whenever you need them most. Just "Wear your wires".

If you're the sort of person that his the streets while wearing your earphones, you'll know that it's a common problem to have tangled, messy earphone wires. We either leave it dangling around our neck, or chuck it into our pocket, bag or pouch, which eventually end up tangled - it's simply difficult to store when it's not in use. The Budwrap becomes a convenient place to hold your earphones. Few seconds to store, few seconds to take out.

  • Comes in single size, black.
  • 180mm (7.09 in) circumference.
  • Works with earphones with or without a strain relief (the plastic thing between wire and housing).

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