LightShip - Solar Powered Light

LightShip - Solar Powered Light


If you're looking for a small, portable solar powered light that you can stick just about anywhere, the solar powered LightShip™ is the answer. The LightShip contains both bright white and red LEDs (for when you want to preserve your night vision). Ideal for boats, campers, cabins, and emergency use.

LightShip Uses


Stick one on the mirror in the bathroom at night and you'll never be looking for a light switch again. Stick one near the thermostat, room door, light switch….. anywhere you want a small nightlight. With just a couple hours of sunlight the LightShip will charge enough to stay bright for up to 8 hours.

Perhaps most important, the LightShip is your safety light in case of fire or other emergency when the electricity goes out. Find the window, find the door, find your escape in a totally dark room.

The LightShip makes a great gift for family members, your frequent traveler friends, kids, grand parents or anyone, whether they travel or not. And you'll NEVER need to worry about replacing bulbs or batteries.

Click the switch to the red LED when you want to preserve your night vision; click it to the bright white LED when you need to see something; or turn it off altogether if you want total darkness.


How many times have you been in a hotel room and tried to find the bathroom at night…. or even the light switch? It is rare indeed that there is any sort of night light in a small inn, lodge or even luxury hotel.

Next time you travel, throw in a tiny solar powered LightShip and you'll never be in the dark again. Simply stick in on a window (the LightShip has three suction cups to securely stick it to any smooth glass) and you'll have light all night long. The weatherproof, lightweight 6oz. unit contains a small solar panel, rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack and super-efficient LED.


Adding low-energy internal lighting to a boat can be a difficult and expensive proposition. Not any more!

Just stick a solar powered LightShip to the inside of any hatch, window or porthole with good sun access and you'll have light all night long. The LightShip has three suction cups to securely stick it to any smooth glass or plastic hatch surface and the waterproof, lightweight 8oz. unit contains a tiny solar panel, rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack and both a white and a red super-efficient LEDs.

Put one near any door, stairs, over your electric panel, in any head or cabin—anywhere there's a nearby clear glass window, hatch, porthole or smooth surface to stick it to. You can even attach one to a window for charging during the day, then move it to where ever you need it at night. Get several and keep your boat well lit with absolutely no energy draw on your boat's batteries!

LightShip Product Details
  • 5" Diameter x 2" High (12.7cm x 5.1cm)
  • Water-resistant case for all-weather use
  • 3-way switch - white light, red light, off
  • 900mA NmH battery for quick charges
  • Light will last up to 8 hours on a full charge of sunshine
  • Daylight sensor automatically turns it off during the day
  • Lightweight - just 8 oz (227 grams)
  • Three suction cups to attach to any smooth surface
  • Available in Graphite Grey (light is white)

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