Native Union MM POP Phone Silver

Native Union MM POP Phone Silver


Designed by the French designer David Turpin, the POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture. 

Also available in: Black, Blue, Desert, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, and Yellow.

Your call quality experience will be improved when using the POP Phone. You wouldn't need to hold your head close to a hot mobile phone because of those long calls. Plus, a quality microphone on the POP also helps to deliver your voice clearly to the recipient.

  • Improves call comfort.
  • Solid and luxurious soft touch paint treatment.
  • Protects you by eliminating over 99% of absorbed phone radiation.
  • Allows access to mobile phone functions when on a call.
  • Turns your tablet device into a telephone via Skype or VOIP applications.
  • High quality speaker and microphone with noise reduction system.
  • One-touch button to answer and hang up a call (Not supported by all mobile phones).
  • Uses a 3.5mm jack to plug directly into mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • One year warranty.

  1. If your mobile phone doesn't have a 3.5mm socket, you will need an adapter.
  2. Some computers have a single input 3.5mm for both audio and mic. If your computer has two inputs (one for audio, one for mic), you will need a splitter cable.
  3. You can find the adapters and splitter here.

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