PowerPractical Practical Meter: Find out how fast you are charging!

PowerPractical Practical Meter: Find out how fast you are charging!


The Practical Meter is an inline USB-meter that shows you how quickly your USB device is charging. It is compatible with any USB charging port, including portable solar panels, the PowerPot, your home PC or laptop and any charging accessory you have. Plug it in between your charger and your USB device (smartphone, mp3 player) and watch as it provides real-time feedback! 

Having the Practical Meter will help you know your power. You will know if your laptop is charging your iPhone at full speed or a mere 50%. You will be surprised to discover the differences in charge rates that occur when charging with different brands. 

How Fast Are You Charging?

It's more common than you think. You plug in your phone, it says 'charging', but do you know how fast? Millions of people deal with slow charge times from their PCs or laptops, and they don't even realize it. Slow charging rates happen because of different standards for high-powered USB and can result in charge times exceeding six hours! We are introducing the Practical Meter to help you solve these slow charge times.

Know Your Power

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Keeping them charged is more important than ever, but today's phones often die before the day is through. This makes charging at top-speed mandatory. Currently, there is no way to know if your phone is charging fast or slow. The Practical Meter changes this. It displays real-time charge rates of any USB device so you know how fast you're charging.

Do you ever use a PC/computer to charge at work or home? Let's plug in the Practical Meter and find out how quickly it charges an iPhone.  Using the factory cable, we only get 2.5 watts. This is only 50% of the max charging speed, which means this phone will take 4+ hours to charge! Plug the same setup into a Mac and now it behaves like it should, charging in 1.5 hours at top speed (5 watts).

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