Recoil Winders

Recoil Winders

Cords and wires are a fact of life in our world and with cords and wires there's knot theory: the near-mathematical certainty that any wire WILL end up in a knot. Free shipping within Malaysia.

Available in two sizes (select the variant you want above):

Medium Winder  Winds all your headphones, and most lightweight USB and charging cords up to 47".
Large Winder  Use for all of your small diameter cords and cables up to 60".

With a variety of sizes to suit, Recoil Winders allow you to store and deploy your wires tangle-free. Just pull to use, and when you're done, simply pull again and it snaps back for easy storage. With various colors, you can color code as well for easy and quick identification. Want to beat the odds and defeat knot destiny?

  • Comes in two variants: medium, and large.
    • Medium supports headphones, USB cables and charging cords up to 47"
    • Large supports all the above but suitable for longer cords up to 60"
  • Prevents tangling and knotting of cables with style!
  • Fuss-free and fun snap back action for quick winding of cables
  • As featured on GizmodoZDNet and GizMag.
  • Free shipping within Malaysia.

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