The Prop

The Prop

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The portable laptop stand.

The Prop is a simple and strong design that lifts your laptop off the table to create better airflow and more comfortable use. The Prop will fit nearly any smaller or larger laptop up to an average size of 17". Can be used to angle the laptop facing down (ie. on table), or facing-up (on the floor). At the local coffee shop? No worries when the cold drink wets the table, or the oily food bits.

  • Better airflow to release heat from your laptop.
  • Works on 10.5" to 17.4" laptops. 
  • Portable - Packs flat.
  • Strong plastic material.
  • Weighs only 29g.
  • Packed and shipped in an eco-friendly brown paper tube.
  • Not compatible with laptops heavier than 4.53kg (10lbs) or larger than 17.4" screen size.

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